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Australian’s love of nature has protected our most unique and amazing  natural areas. By working together, we can continue to protect the places we all love.

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National Parks Australia Council

The National Parks Australia Council (NPAC) has a mission to protect, promote and extend national park systems within Australia.

NPAC was formed in 1975. We are a national body that coordinates and represents the views of a range of State and Territory non- government organisations concerned with protecting the natural environment and furthering national parks. NPAC provides a forum for regular communication between State and Territory National Parks Associations and acts as a united voice supporting conservation of the National Reserve System across Australia.

National Parks

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Who are we?

The National Parks Australia Council (NPAC) is a national body that represents State and Territory organisations concerned with protecting the natural environment and furthering national parks.

NPAC has six member organisations, representing all states and territories except Western Australia and the Northern Territory.


Victorian National Parks Association  shares a vision of Victoria as a place with a diverse, secure and healthy natural environment cared for and appreciated by all.

New South Wales

National Parks Association of NSW works to connect and restore reserves in NSW and beyond, through national parks, marine sanctuaries and other means.


National Parks Association of Queensland  is dedicated to promoting the  expansion, good management and presentation of National Parks in Queensland.


National Parks Association of the ACT works to promote national parks and  protect  fauna and flora and cultural heritage. 


Tasmanian National Parks Association works to preserve the integrity of, and expand, the Tasmanian national park systems.

South Australia

Nature Conservation Society of South Australia  fosters the conservation of the State’s wildlife and natural habitats.