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Our National Parks

Australia’s national parks and protected areas are a legacy for all Australians. They are critical for protecting biodiversity and natural areas, and are the cornerstone of conservation efforts across Australia. They also contribute greatly to Australian society and have significant economic values.

Australia’s extensive national reserve system is a visible, enduring conservation legacy, which provides secure, long term, cost effect conservation of natural areas. Reserves play an important role in conserving native and threatened species, by protecting their habitat from human pressures. They are also national icons, showcasing Australia’s unique landscapes and wildlife to the world.
NPAC ’s ncampaign lays out a vision for strengthening Australia’s national parks legacy and locating it in the broad Australian landscape. It seeks to influence governments to adopt a range of strategies for reinvigorating and prioritising the national reserve system.

Protecting our legacy

The Threat

In recent times, the conservation values of national parks have come under serious threat

The Solution

Protecting the integrity and security of national parks and protected areas for future generations.


View our detailed policy documents, overview documents and other publications. 

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By taking action to protect our national parks now, you will be safeguarding them for  generations to come.

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